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Entry #1

Meet the Krazy Kool Kats Kazoo Krew!

2014-08-20 15:02:56 by OfficialKazooKrew

Carson is the leader of the KKKKK and #1 ranked ginger worldwide 2015. He discovered his love of kazoos during the infamous noodle incident of 2011. 

Matt, the co-leader of the Kazoo Krew, can only see in two dimensions and thus to fix this, wears IMAX 3D glasses at all times. He disguises them as Rayban sunglasses. He is known for his outstanding style and advances in the field of shrumpology. 

Pete=gam has a neckbeard. 

Kaitlyn is Matt's girlfriend and a supporter of worldwide shrump civil rights organizations. Her face is regarded as one of the 7 most terrifying things in the known universe, according to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 


Kendyl is the group's baby dumpster. He finds them dÊlísíÓsó

Together, this rag tag group of kazoo extrordiaires forms the Krazy Kool Kats Kazoo Krew! 


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